The final typology, developed largely by Morgan and endorsed by Engels presumably also by Marx , included four major forms of relations between the sexes. Carrying the analogy further, the element corresponding to socialization of the means of production is clearly the socialization of the bodies of men and women and of their children or, if one prefers, the abolition of private sexual and parental rights. At the same time, some of the world's most notorious sexual predators rose to the upper echelons of the Soviet government. In both cases important needs are involved, certain objects can satisfy those needs, and rights are at stake. Although the monogamous family, the only one found in civilization, represents a higher stage of historical development than the earlier forms, Engels and apparently Marx as well was quite fascinated by the sexual lot of primitive man. Perhaps the most spectacular, if relatively rare, variety of male who exploited the situation was the crafty peasant who married a peasant girl in the spring to get himself an extra harvest hand and divorced her in the fall to save the epense of feeding her over the winter. He became an official martyr, and The Great Soviet Encyclopedia tells the story this way:.
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Sex in the USSR: The Life of Dr. Mikhail Stern, the First Soviet Sexologist

Such descriptions can easily and conveniently be interpreted simply as elements in a reflection theory of the family, for they are explained entirely by the portrayal of the economic circumstances reigning in society as a whole. In addition to exploitation of the helpless wife - both of her labor in open or concealed domestic slavery" as "head servant " in the household, and of her body as producer of an heir or simply as an object of loveless lust - there were broader developments. Lunacharski wrote that he would shake the hand of a comrade - an "honest Leninist "- who would rock the baby's cradle so his wife could go out to a meeting or to study. He advocated complete separation of children from parents from the earliest years and said that those who argued for recognition of such concepts as the natural biological tie between parents and children, were "soaked in petit bourgeois and 'intelligentsia-like' prejudices. In fact, many of them had to work in difficult jobs such as construction and even mining to support their families, especially during and after World War II to compensate for the men lost at the front. That is social construction.
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Sex in the USSR (18+) – The Eastern Border podcast

Within the family, as Engels' memorable aphorism put it, the husband is the bourgeois and the wife is the proletarian. Stalinism fell, but the West is in the grip of Trotskyists promoting open borders, Gay Marriage, etc: There is scarcely a reference to the dire effects of poverty in the entire book. More widely shared was the much simpler notion that the old sex. All quarrels and disputes are settled by the whole of the community affected, by the gens or the tribe , or by the gentes among themselves Petersburg, Moscow and Siberia, she talks to eye witnesses, historians, filmmakers, researchers. For this reason the greedy, lusty bourgeois fiercely defended the idea of the family as embodied in law and religion.
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Women would have been drawn into the liberating sphere of "social production" and freed from the domestic slavery of the individual family household. They are thus able to remain believers in Marxism as an ideal, while criticising the USSR in practice. Nevertheless, some undoubted success has been achieved in abolishing out-of-date marriage forms. Furthermore, the Edict of pointedly began to separate "legitimate" children from "illegitimate" children. Peasant women, for example, rarely sought alimony in the event of divorce.
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